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4 Digital Marketing Tips for 2016

By 07/15/2016Blog

Mid-Year Digital Marketing Checklist

Keeping an up-to- date online presence is essential for your business. Whether you’re participating in social media marketing or keeping up an active website, it’s important to know what area your target audience is in. As 2016 has hit the middle mark, here are some digital marketing tips we hope you’ve been keeping in mind for your strategic campaigns.

1. Mobile Marketing

Making sure your marketing strategies are mobile friendly is crucial in order to stay competitive. Mobile marketing has become one of the greatest factors in user experience as a whole. The statistics correlated with mobile marketing speak for themselves. More than 50% of online traffic is from mobile devices, being either smart phones or tablets. With these statistics in mind, be sure keep your website mobile friendly. Depending on your business, you may even want to consider investing in a mobile app to increase your consumer friendly status. For more information on what to look for with mobile, check out these stats on why you should have your own mobile app to market your business.

2. SEO Technology

If you aren’t familiar with SEO strategies yet, let’s break it down. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of maximizing the amount of visitors to your website due to how high it appears on search engines. Having a good SEO strategy is incredibly important for your business and knowing how to do it is the first step. Keywords and phrases are, well, key. By analyzing the popularity of the keywords and phrases in the markets you want to promote your business is valuable for identifying what type of content is most likely to attract website visitors. Be sure to have continuity between your content and your keywords and phrases in order to gain the best results.

3. Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media marketing has blow traditional marketing budgets to pieces. There’s a reason for that. Between Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and other platforms, your business can build familiarity among the public in a much more personal, faster, and more meaningful way. Having interesting or catchy content is what’s going to increase likes, shares and retweets. It’s a good idea to create an editorial calendar for two to four weeks of content to schedule so your content goes out every day, multiple times a day. Consider getting an account with a time-saving tool like Hootsuite to help coordinate your social media endeavors.

4. Clean Websites

The worst thing for consumers is Googling a business, finding the website, and recognizing it hasn’t been redesigned since the early 2000’s. It’s worse if that consumer pulls up that site on their mobile device and cannot even read the content. You just lost a customer if that happens. If your website hasn’t been redone or updated in the past ten years (or 5, or 3 – there have been so many technology changes!), we suggest doing that as soon as possible. Having a sleek and modern website will add credibility to your digital marketing skills and your business as a whole. Be sure to keep it updated and looking good!

If you’re having trouble with deciding where to start, figuring out how to manage all of it, or need help with the direction to take your digital marketing, your friends at Sinuate Media are here to help. Schedule a free consultation with us regarding your struggles and we’ll be sure to take good care of you. Call us at 443.992.4691 or head to our contact page to get started!