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58 Tasks Social Media Managers Do

Aug 31, 2017 | Blog

Social Media Managers have to wear many different hats. It is not all sitting at a coffee shop watching YouTube videos and liking Instagram posts. The reality is that their jobs have gotten increasingly more sophisticated over the past several years and it demands an around-the-clock dedication to stay on top of it all. In fact, being a successful Social Media Manager requires cross-functional skills: quick decision making abilities, excellent communication, graphic design, and competence with analytics.

Here are 58 tasks Social Media Managers do:


1. Writing social media posts
2. Creating editorial calendars for all social media platforms
3. Writing blog content
4. Search engine optimizing blog posts
5. Posting SnapChat stories
6. Collecting images for Facebook Photo Galleries
7. Collecting images for Instagram Stories
8. Posting Instagram stories


9. Designing graphics for social media post
10. Designing cover images for social media profiles
11. Taking photos for posts
12. Taking videos for posts
13. Building out new Facebook business pages
14. Building out new Instagram business pages
15. Creating SnapChat filters for a business or event
16. Creating/developing a YouTube channel
17. Shooting footage for YouTube videos
18. Streaming Instagram stories
19. Creating video memes for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube


20. Writing a social media corporate policy
21. Developing social media marketing plans and campaigns
22. Following similar accounts
23. Following competitors’ accounts
24. Manage social media partnerships with brands


25. Researching popular hashtags
26. Researching trending stories to reshare
27. Staying up-to-date with social media trends
28. Researching bloggers & influencers
29. Monitoring competition’s messages, new product introduction, and sales offers


30. Posting new specials on Yelp
31. Editing and publishing videos on YouTube
32. Creating social media contests to promote new product or service
33. Choosing and announcing contest winner(s)
34. Reaching out to contest winner(s)
35. Developing and updating LinkedIn profiles
36. Creating online Facebook events
37. Responding to comments on Twitter
38. Responding to comments on Instagram
39. Responding to comments on LinkedIn
40. Responding to comments on Yelp
41. Responding to comments on Facebook
42. Responding to private messages on Facebook
43. Setting up automated responses in the Facebook Page Messenger
44. Hosting Facebook Live videos
45. Tracking and responding to mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
46. Interacting with “influencers” of any particular industry


47. Sharing blog content across social media platforms
48. Creating Facebook advertisements
49. Creating Twitter advertisements
50. Creating Instagram advertisements
51. Creating LinkedIn advertisements
52. Boosting posts on Facebook


53. Reviewing analytics to determine the best time to post on social media
54. Measuring ROI
55. Analyzing how much traffic are you sending to your website via social media
56. Analyzing which social media content or campaigns are sending traffic to your website
57. Reviewing demographics of users most engaging with your profiles
58. Tracking clicks, comments, likes, reach, and overall engagement

What would you add to this list? And if you’re curious what digital marketers do, take a look at our popular post on 125 Tasks Digital Marketers Do.

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