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Ejji Ramen & Pixanthropy Team Up to Raise Money for TasteWise Kids

Jan 4, 2017 | Blog

What does a ramen restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland and an online fundraising platform based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico have in common? A heart for giving back. And that’s just what they’re doing. Ejji Ramen and Pixanthropy have partnered up to raise money for a Baltimore non-profit, TasteWise Kids.

TasteWise Kids is a unique organization. Their mission is to educate children on where their food comes from, from source to plate. The non-profit works with food professionals, including chefs and farmers, to provide hands-on experience for the children in the program. When a child sees, smells, and touches where their food is grown and how it makes it way to a dinner plate, they have a better understanding of the value of fresh fruits and vegetables, they learn to cook and eat healthier, and gain a better appreciation for our food ecosystem.

Starting January 15th, Ejji and the Pixanthropy will kick off a fundraiser to raise money for TasteWise Kids’ educational programs. By using Pixanthropy’s platform (which we talk about in detail here), donors are able to use Mementos to kick off a charitable chain reaction by sharing images that inspire them and the stories behind the images. The fundraising will continue for an entire month and include a FREE kids cooking demo on January 27th from 5pm – 6pm EST. (RSVP here).

Marketing Matchmaking: Where Sinuate Media Played a Role

Sinuate Media has worked with Ejji Ramen when the restaurant was still in a concept stage. From the beginning, owners Oscar Lee and Ten Vong, have wanted to give back to the Baltimore community. Over the past two years, we have discussed many options but when we started working with Pixanthropy, it made sense to connect the two.

Finding interesting marketing partnerships between clients is something we love doing, especially if it results in supporting a good cause. Having two of our clients partner up to raise money for this incredible non-profit brings a serious smile to our faces, while raising awareness for each of the organizations involved.

Get Involved in the Fundraiser

Here are a few things that YOU can do to be a part of this awesome fundraiser.

  1. Go to TasteWise Kids on Pixanthropy and create your own Memento. Don’t know how? It’s super simple! Just upload a photo of your favorite food, dish, recipe or whatever inspires you and make a donation. You can give as little as $1 (or as much as you like!) and 100% of the money raised during the fundraiser goes straight to TasteWise Kids to continue their educational programs for children in Maryland.
  2. Share your Memento on your social media accounts so that your friends can see what you’re supporting!
  3. If you’re in the Baltimore area, register your kiddos for the cooking demo with Chef Ten of Ejji Ramen. There are only 25 seats available so RSVP ASAP.
  4. Head to Ejji, order a tasty ramen bowl or a bun special, snap a picture of your awesome dish, and create a unique Memento to support TasteWise Kids with your donation that will inspire others (or at least make them drool a little bit).

Visit Ejji’s website for more information on the TasteWise Kids fundraising campaign.

Let’s spread the word!

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