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Finding the right audience is just as important to driving more sales

marketing_automation_sinuate_mediaWith marketing automation software, Sinuate Media can help you:

  • Manage and optimize all stages of the customer experience
  • Follow the money – attribute marketing spend to revenue
  • Track each prospect’s activity with your brand
  • Use lead- scoring and integrated CRM nurturing to improve your sales funnel
  • Close more sales and gain more repeat business
  • Analyze the data – from big picture to fine details – all from one cloud-based application

Focus now on building brand value & sales with the right audience – not managing more technology & data

Take the next step today in business development to bring all of your digital tools into one marketing automation application & integrate them directly to your sales team’s CRM, providing them with higher intelligence from lead- scoring and nurturing. Why? Because successful marketing for your business that does not ultimately lead to successful sales is worthless. Sinuate Media helps you:

Truly integrate your marketing & sales teams

have them focus on what really matters – building relational rapport & trust with your customers, while improving the operational harmony of business development and customer service excellence.

Companies that deploy marketing automation see*:

  • 107%  better lead conversion rates
  • 40%    greater average deal sizes
  • 20%    higher team attainment of quota
  • 17%     better forecast accuracy                      

Sinuate Media’s marketing automation solution offers a straightforward approach to pricing. No cost-per-module or hidden charges. Contact Sinuate Media now to tell us more about your digital marketing challenges and see if we can help.

 *(Aberdeen Group, June 2012)

All of your digital marketing tools consolidated and working seamlessly together

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