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Meet the Team | Say Hi to Jacey and Zelda

Dec 28, 2022 | Blog

Jacey Grevas serves as the Account Manager for the Sinuate Media Team. Her background in client management and strategic thinking allows her to develop and deliver impactful marketing that helps clients connect with their customers and ultimately reach their goals. From new website design projects and promotional strategies, to social media and blog content, Jacey provides reliable coordination on a variety of projects and across team members.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a major in Marketing, and earned a minor in Leadership Studies. She is also a recent transplant to Las Cruces, NM and is enjoying the beautiful scenery and tasty food that the region has to offer!

Zelda Deeds, a multidisciplinary creative, brings nearly a decade of copywriting experience to the digital narratives she weaves for Sinuate Media’s clients. A background in design, marketing, and film works in conjunction with a keen eye for the future to ensure contemporary, optimized blogs, web copy, press releases, and more.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Media Arts from the University of New Mexico, receiving the department’s award for Creative and Critical Writing. She loves that she’s constantly learning new things and about a wide range of interesting topics. Trends and best practices for writing and search engine optimization are always evolving too, so there’s really never a dull moment.

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