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Moving into the Mobile Web

By 06/24/2010November 8th, 2012Blog

With the increase of smartphone users in the United States — yes, we are talking about all of those iPhone & Blackberry addicts — it is increasingly important to have a mobile-ready website. In fact, cell phone sales have been declining but Smartphone sales have been increasing because more and more consumers are demanding information at their fingertips — literally. Smartphone have many benefits …

  • Ability to access the web wherever they are
  • Ability to access important information when you need it most, like directions, phone numbers, and emails
  • Ability to work wherever you are
  • Communicate & respond faster to phone calls, emails, & voicemails
  • Increase in productivity levels for professionals (I’ve heard you can regain as much as 7 hours a week by having a smartphone)

The size of the mobile market is steadily increasing. A survey phone done by Platform A and Universal McCann shares:

  • 270,000,000 wireless lines in the US alone
  • 63,000,000 have mobile web access
  • 1 out of 7 minutes of media consumption is through a mobile device

The numbers are huge and increasing. Expect to see more soon.

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