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Pixanthropy | Client Feature

Oct 13, 2016 | Blog

Reaching a new generation of social philanthropists

pixanthropy Non-Profit Organization Page

Non-Profits have a profile page on Pixanthropy that display their Mementos.

Pixanthropy is a new fundraising platform that uses pictures to inspire action. They recently made their debut on September 24 at The Big Event, a weekend-long fundraiser for Cancer Aid Resource & Education, based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is Pixanthropy’s vision to see small contributions ignite a large change, and they are doing just that through their innovative technology and by tapping into new cultural shifts in philanthropy.

Creating a Habit of Giving

Pixanthropy has set out to create a giving culture among the digital generation. Like many of the reasons cited in the October 12, 2016 article in Pittsburgh MagazineWho Are Pittsburgh’s Young Philanthropists?, though Millennials are generous with donating their time, they give less financially than older generations. Why? Traditional vehicles of fundraising have fallen out of favor with the next generation. And that’s where Pixanthropy comes in. Through their socially-native, easily-sharable, and emotionally-resonating tools, they are encouraging donors to ease into the habit of giving by allowing donations as little as $1. Donors can give to their non-profit of choice by choosing the amount that works best for them — and use Mementos to help tell their story.


For a generation that uses images as a prime communications tool, Mementos are the answer for fundraising. Mementos are the images that share the story behind why a cause is important to a donor. They are designed to inspire a charitable chain reaction by going beyond the dollar amount and get into why a person is touched by a non-profit’s cause. As a Pixanthropy user, you also see others’ stories and get to connect over why a cause is important to them. Each Memento tracks how much money was inspired to be donated by that image. They then can be shared throughout social media channels.

Connecting Donors and Non-Profits

Consider Pixanthropy the facilitator between inspired donors and non-profits. They connect the two in a fun and easy way in order to spread the love. The Pixanthropy technology is set up to broaden the exposure of non-profits, connect them to a new generation of donors, and tap into their networks through social sharing tools in a way that is natural for the donor. The Pixanthropy Live technology allows Mementos to be streamed in real-time at fundraising events, a game-changer for how non-profits engage large audiences in person.

Pixanthropy Memento

Memento on Pixanthropy

Pixanthropy has taken the step to bridge the gap between non-profits and the new generation of social media-focused givers. They created a fun and addictive way to support causes and share it with friends to inspire a chain reaction of giving.

Where Sinuate Media Contributed

Sinuate Media collaborated with Pixanthropy to refine its messaging and develop web copy to effectively communicate its value to potential members. In addition, we consulted on their customer on-boarding process through web and email communications, and advised on their digital marketing strategy.

The work was broken into two phases. We first worked on developing web copy and marketing consulting. This included writing content that tells their story to both non-profits and potential donors. Sinuate Media also developed content for their Help Center, addressing questions they may receive from both these audiences, in order to make the registration and adoption of the platform seamless.

The second phase refined their Brand Messaging. This included developing Pixanthropy’s mission, vision, and positioning statement. In addition, Sinuate Media helped refine language that would be unique to Pixanthropy and that would reinforce their brand.

One of the advantages that Sinuate Media provides by working with clients in diverse fields is that we are able to make impactful partnerships amongst them. We are currently working with Pixanthropy on an exciting partnership with a retail client to incorporate fundraising and social responsibility into their operations.

Become a Part of the Pixanthropy Change

Becoming a part of a positive change is easy with Pixanthropy. Visit their website to set up your free profile, create your first Memento, and start making a difference.

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