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Podomatic – The New Way To Advertise

By 01/15/2010November 8th, 2012Blog

Podcasting is a form of web-based audio broadcast that has become one of the most popular forms of advertising used today. Due to the current economic crisis, ad sales are down a minimum of 17% in magazines, and consumers are turning to the Internet to find out about the next hot item. This has created the ideal environment for advertising and has allowed the podcast medium to flourish.

Millions of people listen and subscribe to podcasts.  Spanning every conceivable topic from religion, to music, to healthcare, to education, podcasting has become a phenomenon: the Apple Itunes program has its own special section in its store for people to subscribe to the podcast(s) of their choice.

Today, more and more people are looking for a new and interesting way to appeal to consumers through podcasting, but are ofen intimidated by the technological aspects of podcasting. This is where comes into play. allows you to take your recording and create an RSS Feed in 3 easy steps, and with that RSS Feed, you are free to post your podcast on any uploading site available to you on the Internet (including Itunes). Now imagine how useful having a podcast with a description and background of your product posted on Itunes would be for advertising purposes!

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