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Three Organic Marketing Goals to Embrace in 2007

By 01/15/2007November 8th, 2012Blog

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1. Give Your Customers a Reason To Come Back

Ask yourself “When’s the last time I updated my website?” If the answer is more than two months ago, then now’s the time to breathe new life into your website. Your website is a way to keep in direct contact with your customers. If you don’t have any new updates on your website, then there’s no reason for your customers to visit your website again.

2. Embrace “Organic Search”

Oh how coveted, that top position in Google! Everyone wants to be there, but how do they get there? Using several variables, one way to climb the rankings is to use SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. From the words on your website to the behind-the-scenes metatags (or keywords), this process helps your customers find your website naturally.

3. Go Mobile

“My customers are too busy to surf around my website.” Whether your customer is a mom who is always running around town or a busy stockbroker, not everyone has the time to surf the web. That doesn’t mean you can’t reach your customers when they are on the go. More and more companies are offering a full version of their website through cell phones. From ordering dinner for the family while at a traffic light to booking a trip to Hawaii, think about how your company can go mobile this year.


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