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Tool Review: WooRank

Apr 2, 2013 | Blog

Whose job is search engine optimization anyway? There are back-end changes best fit for a programmer to make, such as making sitemaps, ensuring a site is built using friendly URLs, and making sure that the domain with and without the www resolves to the same URL. But on the other side, interesting and useful keyword-optimized content is best produced by a SEO content writer embedded in the marketing team. The same marketing team should be leveraging social media, which has significant SEO benefits.

In the best scenario, both the IT and marketing teams are working together to collectively tackle search issues.

So say Marketing is leading the effort, how do they best organize the roles and responsibilities–and know that everyone is doing their job well? Enter WooRank, a technology company based in Belgium that provides on-demand analysis of your search engine optimization status and grades your site on a 100-point scale that represents your internet marketing effectiveness at a given time.

Top Priorities for Your Website by WooRank

We recently had the chance to review the search engine optimization tool and were offered the opportunity to take it for a spin for a week.

Here’s how it works: anyone can put any website to get analyzed for a free report, which allows you to add up to 3 competitors, review your top keywords, backlinks, and provides a prioritized checklist of tasks that the specific website should address.

Further recommendations are broken down by Visitors, Social Monitoring, Mobile, SEO Basics, SEO Content, SEO Links, Keywords, SEO Authority, Backlinks, Usability, Security and Technologies.

However to see your full list of recommendations and further detail in the Backlink and Keyword categories, WooRank will prompt you to register. What you get with the full version is a prioritized list of search engine tasks broken down into objective: Optimize, Convert, and Promote. As an agency, what we liked best about it is that it outlines search tasks for the appropriate department, whether it be marketing or IT.

It also allows you to create a project for the website you want to improve (1 for the Pro plan, and up to 5 for the Premium plan).

WooRank's Project Dashboard

Project’s Dashboard Screenshot

The two plans are $49 per month for webmasters and $149 per month for agencies, which allows you to export the analysis into a customizable PDFs for clients – a nice feature.

As a way to evaluate where your website stands, what you need to do, and who on your team is best suited tackle the tasks that will improve your ranking, WooRank is a useful tool to add to your arsenal.

In fact, you can start here by reviewing your own website:

WooRank SEO software


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