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New Website Launch-Urbanna Landscaping

Mar 4, 2021 | Blog

For the past few months, our team has worked closely with one of our newest clients—Urbanna Landscaping—to reimagine their web presence. The result is

We love designer and owner Tara Josub’s unique background and vision for landscape design. Her dedication to her field, strong work ethic, high standards of care, communication, precision, service, and thoughtfulness are things we really connect with. So, we worked together to help potential clients connect with her, too.

Urbanna Landscaping - Website Redesign by Sinuate MediaAbout Urbanna Landscaping

The Santa Fe, New Mexico-based company designs elegant landscapes that connect people to nature. In addition to adding more information about Urbanna’s process to the new website, our goals for the website design included:

  • Clearly sharing Tara’s passion for landscape design
  • Expanding Urbanna Landscaping’s presence into select markets across the U.S.
  • Creating a visual design to communicate high-end elegance

Landscape Design With a Passion

Landscape design comes to Tara as organically as nature itself. “I learned early on that nature, for me, was a gateway to peace,” she says. “Being able to share that with others, to give people that which brought so much during some of the challenging moments in my young life, matters, so much to me.”

Translating that core emotion into a website design that also reflects the elegance of the work while sharing key information is no small task. But, we enjoyed the process of working with Tara to make everything just right.

The result is an all-inclusive website that is not only an online portfolio of Urbanna’s versatile work and expertise but also gives potential clients an opportunity to access Tara directly. This is one of the key differences between her business and others like hers.

Growing a Business During Covid-19

Although Urbanna Landscaping is based in Santa Fe, Tara is excited to expand her business by working with clients from out-of-state. A number of current and former clients have second homes, and this untapped market of secondary property owners in specific cities is one that Tara is primed to reach.

Urbanna Landscaping is now offering high-end landscape design and planning services in

  • San Diego, California
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Key West, Florida

Landscape design needs to be restricted to one geographic location no longer.

Future online services will allow direct appointment booking and payments, with the possibility of a dedicated client login portal for sharing documents and drawings down the road.

Connecting People to Nature

Urbanna Landscaping provides entirely customizable work by tailoring the design process to help the client at every stage. Each collaboration between Tara and her clients is unique—she never creates the same landscape twice. A strongly stated priority? Honoring the natural resources and environment.

Tara truly delights in being a resource for home and property owners. She starts with an initial complimentary consultation to craft the vision for a potential clients’ outdoor living space. Then, information is shared about what plants will work in their environment, while she provides style guidance.

Work With Us

We are proud of our work with Urbanna Landscaping, and would love to hear what you think of the site! Many of our clients choose us as their digital marketing partner because of our vast wide-ranged industry experience in online strategy. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our services.

Urbanna Landscaping Santa Fe Website Redesign by Sinuate Media

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