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One of the most important components of your business is your website. It has become an essential tool that can both add credibility to your company and help solve many business problems. It can communicate your marketing messages, provide a new revenue source, and streamline your processes to lower operations costs.

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Set Up

We start with comprehensive on-boarding process to map out your business and marketing goals. Content, graphics, and technical requirements are identified and a detailed project plan is put in place. As skilled marketers and WordPress web developers, we ensure both your vision and business needs are addressed.

Website Design & Development

Sinuate Media provides the trifecta of services: content development, graphic design, and technical skills – all of which are needed to build an effective, productive website. Mobile compatibility is critical today to reach website visitors, so your site is tested on multiple devices and browsers to refine the viewing experience.

Search Engine Optimization

What good is a website if it’s buried in Google? We feel so strongly about this that we search engine optimize every site we build to increase its visibility. After careful analysis of keywords best for your audience, we refine your content, ensure your website has the proper metadata, and test your site speed and mobile accessibility for optimal performance.

Web Hosting

We offer fully managed, scalable cloud hosting to our clients. If you experience a spike in web traffic, we have you covered. Our hosting comes with a free SSL,  daily backups with a 1-click reinstall, and dynamic caching for faster website loading.

Website Security

We take website security seriously. When hosting your website with Sinuate Media, we take several steps to ensure your website is protected and performs optimally. This includes ensuring our servers are running the latest version of PHP with the latest security patches. Our servers are protected with intrusion detection and we proactively block malicious bots and attackers. We also include complimentary SSL with our hosting packages and offer additional firewall protection.

Website Management

When Sinuate Media manages your website, its like having your own IT and Marketing expert in one. Not only do we ensure your software is up-to-date, but we perform content and design updates for you. Need a web analytics report and want actionable marketing items? We’re on it. Need to update your online store with new products—just ask.