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Website of the Week: OneHub

By 02/02/2009November 8th, 2012Blog

One of our resolutions for 2009 at Sinuate Media is to cut down on digital waste.

That means cutting back on unnecessary emails, deleted and archiving old and unnecessary files, and finding a system to easily share links and online resources.

Enter OneHub. Actually much more than just a website, OneHub is a web-based custom extranet for your business. We were excited to find out about OneHub (though an ad on Facebook, if our memory serves us correctly) as an alternative to cumbersome FTPs and a place for online collaboration. The fact that is has task lists and group calendars makes us think someone out there is actually listening to the needs of flexible, mobile, and young businesses.

The entire platform is customizable (which makes us love it even more), right down to the colors and ability to add your company logo. Even the sections can be moved around by just dropping & dragging them around to where you want them.

The pricing is fairly reasonable, at $19/month for individual users and $49/month for the Basic package which allows up to 100 users and 10 “Hubs” – what most people will align with a “Project”. We would have liked to see another version — with a smaller number of user and more hubs, but the price only gets higher from here as more storage space and “hubs” are added.

So the next time you are asking a co-worker where that file is or have they completed that task yet today, turn to your hub on One Hub for the answer.

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