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What is Instagram Direct?

By 05/27/2014August 8th, 2019Blog

The popular social media site, Instagram, which allows users to post pictures and videos to share to their friends, added a recent update to their site.

Instagram Direct.

Instagram Direct is similar to Snapchat; it allows users to send pictures or videos to other users in a private manner. It’s similar to sending someone a direct message on Facebook. Only the sender and the recipient/s can see what was sent, and the file will save on both parties Instagram unless deleted.

Although this is a great for users, it is also fantastic for marketing purposes because it gives businesses the opportunity to contact fans & customers directly, efficiently and in a fun way.

Younger audiences and older as well, are turning to Instagram for social interaction, and the ability to have a real conversation is a ticket for success if you are a company who is trying to build a social media platform.

A way a business can create a tighter bond with the followers they already have is to scroll through comments of the recent posts. Who’s commenting? What are they saying? You can create targeted messages to these individuals, through Instagram Direct, that could potentially result in a larger audience for your company’s site.

You can also maintain the buyer/seller relationship through Instagram Direct. You can send a “Thank You” to a customer for a recent purchase. After scrolling through your likes/comments, you can give other users who have shown interest in your product, an inside look at what’s coming soon and how they can obtain it. You can also share coupon codes through Instagram Direct to users of your choice, share updates, and so on.

As long as your messages have relevance, they should be received well.

As a company, you can also gain feedback from your followers. What can you improve? What products would they like to see? What do they love about your company? What would they want to see on the companies Instagram?

Instagram can be a great asset for businesses because it creates a younger vibe for the company, the new feature, Instagram Direct, can help the company expand by creating ties with the followers they already have; thus, creating a strong, buyer/seller relationship and promoting their business while doing so.

Used the right way, Instagram and Instagram Direct can add to your marketing results!