Organic Marketing™ is Sinuate Media’s trademarked approach to digital marketing that we established in 2006. It is a holistic method of integrating online public relations, social media, emerging media, barter media, and traditional marketing for the purpose of creating conversations and spreading your message naturally among consumers.

Using our unique marketing method, Sinuate Media is able to derive a client-specific digital campaign strategy that achieves results and tracks a campaign’s success through carefully calculated methodologies which we have developed over several years. We do this by taking careful consideration of all aspects of your marketing plan in order to integrate digital strategies in a natural and strategic way.

Over the last decade, we have seen the radical changes taking place in the communications industry, especially as consumers increasingly are tuned into the online and mobile environments. Sinuate Media uses our Organic Marketing™ approach to Create compelling content, Distribute content to targeted sites and influencers, and Analyze placements to leverage successes.

As a result, our clients receive superior service that is time-effective, cost-effective, and tackles your objectives.