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Meet the Team | Say Hi to Cassie

May 31, 2023 | Blog

Cassie Trejo is part of the creative minds behind Sinuate Media’s team focused on content creation, video production, and strategy development.

Keep reading to learn a little more about our valuable team member, and how she may be involved in your next project.

Cassie is a Marketing Coordinator at Sinuate Media. With a background in Commercial Production, Television Broadcasting, and Video Editing, she brings a blend of creative and technical skills to the marketing team. Her goal is to promote content that resonates with the target audience while satisfying the needs of her clientele.

Cassie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Filmmaking and a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from New Mexico State University. She is dedicated to producing high-quality content that will help brands reach their goals.

Her educational background has equipped her with a deep understanding of storytelling and effective communication techniques that enable her to create effective campaigns that capture the attention of the target audience and drive results. Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop, Cassie leverages her technical skills to create visually compelling marketing materials.

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