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Sinuate Media Welcomes Las Cruces Urgent Care

Jan 20, 2020 | Blog, News, Portfolio

You may have heard that there’s a “new” kid on the block… and we are happy to confirm the rumors. Although not necessarily new to the city, we do have a new client to add to the Sinuate roster. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Las Cruces Urgent Care!

Who is Las Cruces Urgent Care?

Las Cruces Urgent Care is a medical clinic located in the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, available weekdays, weekends, and even holidays! They are fully equipped with full service labs, x-ray machines, EKGs, and various other equipment all under one roof, so patients get the diagnosis and treatment they need in a timely manner.

Their motto is “Get In. Get Out. Get Well.”

Although it is true that there is a high demand for medical services, they didn’t have a convenient way for potential patients to find them. This was crucial for them with the winter flu season approaching.

The Problem:

Las Cruces Urgent Care first came to us looking for a way to help grow their practice and online presence.

The Solution:

Here at Sinuate Media, we take digital marketing pretty seriously. We believe that crafting the right digital marketing strategy is critical to your brand, or business. After evaluating the business challenges, goals, and resources of Las Cruces Urgent Care, the Sinuate Media team put their heads together to develop a custom marketing strategy which included digital ad campaign(s) and website maintenance to help aid the issue at hand.

We look forward to working with Las Cruces Urgent Care, and are excited to help them grow and be more visible online!

las cruces urgent care

More Info:

If you would like more information on Las Cruces Urgent Care, or would like to make an appointment — click here. For those of you who have already visited their office, feel free to find them on Google and leave a review about your recent experience!

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