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Digital Marketing Strategies: 5 Things to Consider When Planning Fresh

By 06/26/2013Blog

The fight for customers has never been so at the forefront of the business sector, nor has it been so digitally based. Business owners are retiring their billboards to ride the internet wave. As more of them jump on the bandwagon, more of them are also asking themselves how to even start creating a digital marketing strategy. Here are 5 things to consider when planning your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Think like your customers. Any decent digital marketing strategy starts with trying to understand your customers. Ask questions like your customers would, and be prepared to answer those questions. Ask for feedback. Listen to the feedback. All of it. Measure the internet activity and behavior of your customers. Once you understand them and how to find them on the internet, then the more you will be able to angle your digital marketing strategy in a way which grabs them.
  2. Make a good first impression. A good digital marketing strategy will focus on the first time user. The very first time an online consumer sees your business homepage or social media profile, what is there to grab them and make them remember you? What will keep them from clicking on by your amazing advertising efforts? What will make them stop and say, “Voila!?”
  3. Use social media. It goes a very, very long way in a digital marketing strategy. In fact, no digital marketing strategy is complete without a social media plan. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, specialty social networking sites galore… These are the key to getting your product name into the virtual living rooms of America—and in many cases, help bring traffic back to your website, where the transaction may occur.
  4. Time your emails. Formulate a digital marketing strategy email calendar, send out your emails based on low sales times, or near shopper holidays, or at whatever time is appropriate to your potential client pool.
  5. SEO optimization. No digital marketing strategy is complete without it. SEO will help your business visibility and is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. SEO, supported by content marketing, is what will make your website visible to potential customers. It won’t matter how great your space is if no one sees it. SEO is essential to any business being competitive in the modern market.

There is a lot to consider when starting up a digital marketing strategy for your business. This checklist is a good place to start, but your next step might be to find a professional who can help you delve in to create a digital marketing strategy that will surely benefit your business.