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Try Some On, Trysumers

By 02/09/2010July 28th, 2016Blog

“TRYSUMERS: “Freed from the shackles of convention and scarcity, immune to most advertising, and enjoying full access to information, reviews, and navigation, experienced consumers are trying out new appliances, new services, new flavors, new authors, new destinations, new artists, new outfits, new relationships, new *anything* with post mass-market gusto.””
Does this make you as excited as it does me?

One of my favorite trend analysis companies, TrendWatching, launched this new briefing this week on Trysumers — new consumers, willing to try out more and more as prices have decreased and niche products overtaken our consumer livelihood. (ok, well not entirely, but we are thisclose.)

The briefing really speaks to the importance of sampling – consumers more and more want to test out products for free or low-cost before they buy or commit to a high price.

The take-away: traditional retail has changed, big time. Smaller retailers have powerful tools to compete like the social shopping sites Cloudstorm. Even consumers are becoming their own little businesses, and the Long Tail is growing. From pop up stores to Nike’s pop up vans, consumers are looking for experience before they commit. If you don’t offer it, someone else will.


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