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TubeMogul Proves Video Viewership Peaks Early

By 06/20/2010July 28th, 2016Blog

TubeMogul, a powerful video syndication & analysis platform, has released data from a research report that concludes video viewership peaks early. Based on a 90-day study of 10,000 videos, they can now offer a simple projection of how many video views can be expected within a year and what percent of the total expected views views have already occurred.

They set out with a simple question: “Throughout the life of a video, do most views occur in the first few days and weeks or are they distributed randomly over time?”

The data is clear: video viewership peaks early.

So what does this mean to video producers and marketers? It brings up a number of interesting challenges. Here are just a few that come to mind right away…

  • How do we leverage videos in the early period to get the most out of the viewership?
  • What type marketing initiatives should be implemented after the first 90 days to continue viewing momentum?
  • What is the best time frame for releasing serial videos?
  • With so much happening in the area of online video, I’m sure that many of these best practices will be forming quickly.


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